Keennan De Bie
22 December 2022

EXIAS Medical features in PhotonHub Europe video series profiling companies supported through EU Photonics Accelerator Programmes.

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Companies that have innovated through EU-funded photonics support programmes are being profiled in a new series of short videos by PhotonHub Europe.

EXIAS Medical is a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products based in Graz, Austria. The company specializes in analysis systems for the determination of medically relevant parameters in body fluids such as whole blood, serum, plasma or urine. Sensing these parameters requires a high level of precision in temperature measurement.

With the support of the EU Photonics Accelerator Programme, EXIAS Medical has partnered with the renowned research institute Joanneum Research on an exciting photonics innovation project. Introducing photonics to their measurement systems has enabled EXIAS Medical to achieve shorter measurement times and a higher standard of accuracy and precision, especially for blood gas and glucose readings. This novel solution is applicable to the analysis systems used in hospitals, laboratories or large medical practices. 

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For further information on the supports available to innovate through photonics and to apply online, visit our website.

PhotonHub has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Grant Agreement n*101016665, in Public Private Partnership with Photonics21.

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