Photonics in Safety, Security, Space & Defence
1x4 laser array in radiation hard housings for space_CSEM

Photonics in Safety, Security, Space & Defence

Light technologies will provide a crucial advantage to the defence sector: photonics offers essential enabling technology solutions to all tasks related to the acquisition, transmission, handling, storing, processing and displaying of data, allowing people and organisations to utilise their resources to full effect. This is particularly true once photonics-enabled quantum-computing technology will become a practical reality.

Lifemarker chip for mars mission, lab on a chip with optical readout_LioniX

Examples of where photonics is applied in the sector of Safety, Security, Space & Defence:

  • Spectrometers for earth observation
  • Optical communication for space
  • Integrated Photonics for Space
  • Optical dosimetry
  • Sun Sensors
  • Free-space optics for space