Photonics in Agriculture & Food
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Photonics in Agriculture & Food

Photonics helps to supply safe, nutritious and affordable food for all and establish a sustainable value chain from farm to fork. By using ever more precise sensors and measuring devices, farmers, food processors and ordinary consumers will be able to monitor and certify the safety, quality, content and even the origin of food – anytime and anywhere.

Photonics technologies can monitor soil health and hydrology, predict protein levels in grain harvests, determine when to pick fruit, map water quality to check the health of fish stocks.

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Examples of where photonics is applied in Agriculture & Food:

  • LED & laser-based sorting system 
  • Lighting systems for vertical farming 
  • Humidity sensors 
  • Optical systems for food condition monitoring / ripeness detection 
  • Hyperspectral camera systems tor monitoring soil and plant health 
  • Laser systems for weed control and environmental sensing 
  • Optical detection system for checking pesticides, toxins, contamination 
  • Inspection systems for correct food packaging  
  • Lab-on-chip food quality diagnostics 
  • PIC MIR gas sensor for food storage monitoring