Keennan De Bie
07 March 2023

Companies that have innovated through EU-funded photonics support programmes are being profiled in a series of short videos by PhotonHub Europe.

VitreaLab is a photonics company with the mission to disrupt the display industry with a unique laser waveguides technology. Located in Vienna, Austria, it is a a spin-off company from the Quantum Group at the University of Vienna, with founding member the 2022 Nobel Prize laureate Anton Zeilinger.

VitreaLab’s disruptive technology will revolutionise the displays as we know them. The fine control of hundreds to million laser beams allows to finally unlock Augmented Reality for outdoor as well as fully-immersive lightweight Virtual Reality goggles. The core product is the Quantum Light Engine, a laser-powered illumination device producing directional, ultra-bright, and efficient light in the form of a laser beams grid.

Through the EU Photonics Accelerator Programme, VitreaLab partnered with Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium. This cross-border innovation project focused on the design and master fabrication of an out‐of‐plane coupling micro‐mirror array for a novel laser‐based display technology. The collaboration with VUB enabled VitreaLab to advance the development of their solution and its ability to integrate in standard display stacks.

VitreaLab’s offering is the only solution to surpass current displays and the way we use them in our every-day life. It’s a door-opener for the AR and VR world, where bright, sharp and true-color images are needed to become real, as well as the key-enabler for efficient displays in all fields (e.g. medical, automotive and mobile devices). See more at:

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PhotonHub has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Grant Agreement n*101016665, in Public Private Partnership with Photonics21.

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