Keennan De Bie
21 February 2023

Pilot Photonics features in PhotonHub Europe video series profiling companies supported through EU Photonics Accelerator Programmes

Companies that have innovated through EU-funded photonics support programmes are being profiled in a series of short videos by PhotonHub Europe.

Pilot Photonics, based in Dublin, Ireland is a designer and producer of a novel comb laser technology that has been encapsulated in single-chip Photonic Integrated Circuits. With the support of the EU Photonics Accelerator Programme, Pilot Photonics engaged in two consecutive multi-partner innovation projects for prototype development. These projects enabled the company to work with three international research institutes: Technical University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Germany and Tyndall Institute in Ireland. 

The optical communication market is a high-volume global market with an excellent set of market fundamentals that drive solid growth. Global data traffic is expected to grow to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. This EU-supported project focused on technology development for the optical transport networks from 80km to several thousands of km, where network carriers have a requirement to transport ever increasing data rates, within the same limited optical amplifier bandwidth, and with greater flexibility to match service needs to available network resources. 

The scope of Pilot Photonics’ multi-partner project was to develop a transmit sub-assembly photonic integrated circuit (PIC) for superchannel generation. The resulting device is aimed for the application in high data rate coherent transmission in long-haul telecommunication systems, with the potential to benefit society enhanced network and IT services in areas such as communication, autonomous vehicles, e-health, and many more. 

Pilot Photonics has launched its first commercial products and is now developing integrated comb source technology for the European Space Agency among many other customers. See more at:

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PhotonHub has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Grant Agreement n*101016665, in Public Private Partnership with Photonics21.

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