PhotonHub courses at external events

Overview: Photonhub courses at external events focus on photonic technologies and applications and on how photonics can benefit your business. The courses also present the wide range of technical and business support measures provided by PhotonHub Europe. These courses will provide an open forum for attendees to ask specific questions to experts in the field of photonic technologies and a wide range of application areas.

Target Audience: The content PhotonHub’s courses at external events is tailored to the audience of the event. The courses are also an ideal preparation activity for those who wish to participate in further onsite hands-on training through one of PhotonHub’s Demo and Experience Centres located across Europe.

When: Online training courses are provided by PhotonHub partners and run on a regular basis for small groups. Please notice that each of the online training programs follow a similar agenda, but with a focus on two or three application areas. See below to select a training date and topic that best suits your interests and schedule.

Cost: PhotonHub courses at external events are free-of-charge but require attendees to register in advance of attending their selected course. You will also be required to register for the external event. Fees may apply.

How to Register: below you will find a registration form where you can select the courses that best suit your organisation.

Further Information:

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