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Nathalie Debaes
18 May 2021
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In the framework of our Nordic Photonics Forum PhotonicSweden is organising a webinar together with Photonics Finland. One topic is now the “PhotonHub Europe” project https://www.photonhub.eu/ will help European SMEs and mid-caps become highly competitive digital businesses through faster and smarter deployment of photonics-based technologies. The presentations will make clear the importance and impact photonics has for our future, and how Photonics21 (and the national platforms and clusters) and the PhotonHub Europe project work.  Furthermore, will we discuss and inform about the innovation possibilities for Scandinavian and Baltic SMEs and give insight in Swedish, Finnish, and Baltic Photonics.

More information : Nordic Photonics Forum Meeting


Nordic Photonics Forum Meeting:

Wednesday 2021-05-26, 14:00-17:15 (CET), (15:00-18:15 Finland)

14:00-14:10   “Introduction and welcome by PhotonicSweden and Photonics Finland ”

Photonics in a European perspective

14:10-14:25    “Photonics Public Private Partnership in Horizon Europe”,              
                           Markus Wilkens, Head of Operations Photonics21

14:25- 14:55   PhotonHub Europe, innovation chances for Nordic and Baltic SMEs”,
                           Hugo Thienpont, Director of Brussels Photonics B-PHOT, and coordinator PhotonHub Europe

14:55-15:05     Q&A

Photonics in a Swedish perspective

15:05-15:15     “Visual Sweden, innovations cluster with a focus on visualization and image analysis with applications in industry, medicine and society”            
                             Anders Carlsson, Process Manager Visual Sweden

15:15-15:25     ”Towards future food production: Which role plays photonic technology?”
                            Per Frankelius, Process Leader, Agtech 2030 hosted by Linköping University

15:25-15:40    “Calls for Research and Innovation projects – A strategic innovation program for increasing
                           competitiveness and growth in Swedish industry & International collaborations”,
                            Magnus Svensson & Thorbjörn Ebefors, Smarter Electronic Systems

15:40-15:50    ”Photonics related ventures within Vinnova”,
                            Bertrand Noharet, Programme Manager, Vinnova

15:50-16:00    Q&A

Photonics in a Finnish perspective

16:00-16:10    ”Photonics flagship programme  – Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN)” Goëry Genty, Director, PREIN Flagship.

16:10-16:20    ”Business Finland funding + Sustainable Manufacturing Finland programme” Toni Mattila, Program Director, Sustainable Manufacturing Finland, Business Finland

16:20-16:30    ”Photonics Center – Collaboration for Business and Research” Pauliina Pikkujämsä, Director, Invest in and relocation services, Business Joensuu.

16:30-16:40     Q&A

Photonics in a Baltic perspective

16:40-16:50     ”Baltic Photonics Cluster activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia” Ott Rebane, Vice-Chairman, Baltic Photonics Cluster.

16:50-17:00    ”Photonics Overview and Collaboration Opportunities in Latvia”, Valters Jēkabsons, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), The Representative Office in Sweden

Discussions on possible collaborations

17.00-17:15      Networking and discussions about collaboration in the Nordic and Baltic photonics clusters

17:15                  Wrap up & End

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